In the heart of the Rocky Mountains, 菲律宾十大彩票平台大学 is a place of purpose, 不寻常的思考之家, 研究, 创新, 和想法. As Montana’s only Special Focus Institution, Montana Tech provides a transformative student experience by developing leaders and advancing science, 工程, 和技术, with the purpose of benefiting humanity while meeting the changing needs of society.


Dr. Les Cook took office as the 12th chancellor of 菲律宾十大彩票平台大学 on July 1, 2019. 从那时起, he has realigned the leadership team and cabinet to be a shared governance model, successfully hired several new senior leaders, and involved a broad and diverse group of employees, 学生, and others in leading numerous strategic efforts.


The 管理团队 comprises the most senior-level administrators, who represent the university’s functional areas. 团队认为, 分析, and acts upon a variety of issues pertaining to the overall day-to-day happenings of the University as well as long-term planning, 政策和程序, and items of strategic importance to the campus.


The 领导团队 serves as the advisory board for the chancellor and leadership of the university. The group represents a broad cross-section of faculty, staff and 学生 including those from the primary governance organizations on campus.


The Deans’ Council brings together the university’s provost, 学术院长, 学生的成功, and admissions/enrollment for weekly meetings focused on teaching, 策略, 学术活动, 政策, and issues regarding the university’s four schools and colleges.